10 Apps Useful for Small Business Owners

Starting your own business can be quite a handful. You have to think of the finances, inventory, employees, products, customers and so much more. Because there are so many things to keep track of, you’re going to need some digital help to make your life easier. Here are 5 useful apps for small businesses you should know about!


Pipedrive – https://www.pipedrive.com

In terms of sales, Pipedrive is the perfect app. Keep monitoring your sales pipeline and never miss a thing! Access your to-do-list, contacts, and other organizations so you keep track of any deal opportunities and other  important activities.


Expensify – https://www.expensify.com

It helps a person organize expenses like gas, food, and travel very easily. Users can just take a photograph of a receipt and it will then be automatically saved and categorized accordingly. On top of that, it allows a person to create receipts from online purchases which can be turned to their employer for reimbursement.


Streak – https://www.streak.com/

Streak is used to monitor and manage emails inside Gmail. What many people love about this, is that it notifies you when the recipient of your email already read it. But that’s just one of its uses. Streak can be used for CRM, sales, email support, hiring, product management, fundraising, event planning, and more.


Kashoo – https://www.kashoo.com/

This is an app that’s built for small business owners. It’s an accounting and bookkeeping app that gives you control over your bookkeeping anytime, anywhere. Everyone at Kashoo is said to answer the phone, responds to subscribers, emails, and participates in chat sessions — if you have any questions, they’re always ready to help.


SignEasy – http://getsigneasy.com

Forget the hassle of having to personally sign documents, SignEasy is here! Save time and effort with this app that allows you to sign documents and other files in the comfort of your own device or desktop. It’s fast, simple, and easy!


Slack – https://slack.com

This helps the employees of a small business come together in terms of communication. It’s a team messaging app that makes working life easier and more productive. Communicating with co-employees is easier, faster, and convenient.

Burner – http://www.burnerapp.com

“Burner phones” in movies might sound familiar to you. This is exactly what Burner is. It acts as your other number in times you do not want to give your actual phone number. You can use it whenever you need to be in touch, and you may just disconnect it too. They say that Burner is often used for Craigslist, Etsy, or for any online dating app.


Hootsuite – https://hootsuite.com/

This is a very popular and helpful app to a lot of companies, and you might already have heard about it. It helps you schedule postings in different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can view and manage all your accounts all in Hootsuite. (Hootsuite image link)


Canva – https://www.canva.com/

Have you seen all the cute ad campaigns, posts, and other materials? If you want to make something like that, use Canva! It’s very easy to use and have very good results! You can create beautiful designs from many different layouts, photos, graphics, etc.


Boomr – https://boomr.com

To keep track of your employees easily, as well as stay connected to each other in real-time and other notifications, Boomr is the ideal app. On top of all the said features, you get overtime alerts, automate employee timesheets, payroll reports, and many more.

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