Benefits Of An Open House [Real Estate Guide]

When selling your home, it’s always a good idea to hold an open house. This is a short period of time wherein you open your house to the public for potential buyers to visit your place and check it out. It’s a good opportunity for you interact with these people, show them around, tell them more about the house and the neighborhood. You can even pitch in a little bit of convincing to give them a nudge. Other people might not totally love the idea of an open house but it’s actually very beneficial to both sellers and buyers. Here’s why you should hold an open house!


Benefits of an open house:


  • Draw a lot of attention to your house more than simple listings and ad campaigns. Word of mouth is also a very helpful tool in making it go viral.
  • Because potential buyers are already in your turf, it will be easier lock in on them. As mentioned, you will be able to have a little chat with them and tell them personally why your house is worth it. Serious buyers would also find it very easy to reach out to you and might ask for a private showing.
  • You may also invite your family and friends to get their opinions. They can give you suggestions on how to make certain things look better, thus improving your home for the better. Whatever changes you make might just be the thing that would consider your house sold.
  • It’s a good chance for people to have a walk-through your whole house.
  • Buyers can make comparisons between your house and the other houses they’ve visited.


A few tips for holding an open house:


  • Keep the clutter away from open spaces and countertops in your house. Arrange them neatly in the storage room, cabinets and drawers.
  • Mow the lawn, trim the bushes and trees for a fresh look on the outside.
  • Sweep all parts of the house include outside.
  • Keep trash bins empty or at least not full and messy.
  • Make sure you wash windows inside out and wipe interior and exterior walls to avoid eyesore marks and handprints.
  • Look out for dust and cobwebs especially in the corners of the ceilings.
  • Mop and shine the floors for a polished look inside.
  • You can place a humidifier with a calming scent, or light a scented candle for a pleasing smell around the house. Place air fresheners, charcoal, or spray away bad odor in storage rooms, cabinets, drawers, the basement and in the bathrooms.


What are you waiting for? Tidy up your home now and get ready for an open house! Also remember that behind every physically beautiful house ready to be sold is a responsible and reliable owner that takes care of it. Show them how good of a homeowner and seller you are and wear that smile while interacting with your potential buyers!

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