Tips To Finding Pet-Friendly Houses

Searching for a new home or condo can be quite the hassle and stress, even to your beloved four-legged furry buddies who stick with you wherever you go. But the true challenge is looking for a new home or condo that is pet-friendly, and this is where the problems start and get tough to both you and your dear pet/s.


Securing a pet-friendly condo or home can be impossible to the point that some pet owners have to sacrifice and give their pets away to live somewhere they need to. It hurts, but reality is  harsh. Well, worry no more and save your pets! Here are some tips to take note before looking for your desired pet-friendly home or condo:


Time is of the Essence — The quest to searching for pet-friendly homes or condos may take a while before you actually find one, so always keep in mind that not all landlords will enjoy having an animal in their condos or homes. Keep it straightforward and ask them if they allow having any pets around, and of course, reassure them that you and your pet won’t cause any trouble.


“Pet” Fee — You may or may not notice it but when the negotiations start knowing that you have a pet, they tend to have an additional cost. They know that raising a pet is not all fun and clean, so don’t be surprised about the excess fee for your pets.


Let the Discrimination Begin — As much as we want to let other people see how loving and nice dogs are, people will always fear some breeds that are known to be violent. So when you do encounter landlords who discriminate against dog breeds, don’t get offended; they are also just trying to protect their tenants.


Go Online — They say the internet has it all, so try searching for pet-friendly apartments online and you’d be surprised to see that there are quite a lot of pet-friendly residential spaces out there.


Reach Out to Fellow Pet-Lovers — This is the time for pet-lovers like you to unite and ask for  help looking for pet-friendly apartments you and your pet can live in and call it your new home.


Responsibility at its Finest — It’s also good to let your landlord see how responsible you are as a pet owner, and sometimes it shows through your pet. This is the time to prove how responsible and reliable as an owner.


The Truth Will Let You Live — Lying to your landlords about having just one pet when you have three or four will bring you nowhere, and will only bring chaos to you and your landlord. Tell them truth about having more than  one pet and assure them that they are all well-trained. You can even introduce the landlord to your pets, so they would familiarize your landlord and get a sense of recognition in future interaction.


There you have it, these are quick tips to fellow pet lovers out there who is seeking for a new home or condo to move-in and stay. Keep these in mind and you and your beloved pets will be safe, living comfortably in your new home.

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